Free Apps for home design inspiration

  Can’t seem to get a grasp of what look you want for your home? We’ve rounded up some awesome apps that will definitely spike home design inspiration!   HOUZZ   You’ll never run out of home ideas with this app! With Houzz, you can browse through MILLIONS of high resolution photos of home interiorsContinue reading “Free Apps for home design inspiration”

5 Contact Paper Home Hacks you Need to do Now!

Wish to make a major revamp to your space without the commitment? As tacky as it may sound, contact paper, that roll of paper with a decorative surface and an adhesive back you get from hardware stores, may just be best thing you’ll ever purchase for your home! 1)    Transform your stair risers Turn yourContinue reading “5 Contact Paper Home Hacks you Need to do Now!”

5 reasons why living in the South is way, way better than living up North

  It’s accessible Need to get to Metro Manila? 40 mins, tops! (Honestly, that’s less time than getting from Quezon City to Makati) Everything (+ more) you need is right there! TBH, you don’t really need to get out of the south to get the things you need. Suddenly feel the need to get away?Continue reading “5 reasons why living in the South is way, way better than living up North”

Fun Things to do When in Nuvali

One of the best things about living in the free and easy Nuvali, Sta. Rosa is that there’s a perfect balance between city and nature. Nuvali is just as city as any other – jobs, schools, shopping, recreation – whilst maintaining a healthy, wholesome and family-friendly environment.   Here are some activities you and yourContinue reading “Fun Things to do When in Nuvali”