Venare Nuvali Lots for Sale

Lots for Sale: 264sqm, 364sqm, 239sqm, 257sqm, 252sqm

OurHome is the app every Homeowner has been Dreaming of!

Having your own home and family is pretty tough, huh? Worry not and allow this handy little app called, “OurHome” to help you out! Available for both iOS and Android, OurHome will keep you and your family organized! Jot down all your to-do’s, assign the person in charge, and it will automatically sync with everyone’sContinue reading “OurHome is the app every Homeowner has been Dreaming of!”


There’s such a buzz over the awesome lifestyle of those from the south — but what does make it so awesome? Accessibility Thanks to the planned Skyway extension and other government infrastructure projects like the highly anticipated Intermodal Transport System (ITS), the south will soon become much more accessible to businesses and establishments in theContinue reading “WAIT, WHAT’S SO GREAT ABOUT THE SOUTH, ANYWAY?”